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Here is a brief description of the product.
On the product page "Facebook Likes kaufen" you have two variables which you can determine. Once the quantity and once the origin of the likes. With the quantity you select how many Facebook Likes you want to buy. At the origin you can choose International and German Likes. You can buy international likes for Fanpage posts and private posts. With the Germans you must note that it is only possible if there are contributions of a fan page. If you still buy German Likes although it is not a contribution of a Fanpage you automatically get international Likes. International means that the Likes come from all over the world. So for example Likes from England, America, Switzerland, Greece etc.
Now that you have selected the quantity and the origin you have to add a link in the line "Post Link" which leads to the desired article. Please check again if the link really works and leads directly to the post, so that everything can be processed without unnecessary delays. If you are also interested in other Facebook products click here.
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The social media network Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, is the largest social media platform with 2.2 billion users. Billions of messages are sent every day and billions of minutes are spent in video / voice calls. With such high numbers of users, Facebook is of course a good place to earn money and gain reach. On the one hand, of course, you can advertise and earn money. But the main factor is reach, because the more followers and thus more attention a profile, the more valuable is this profile.
Companies are increasingly attaching importance to reach in the social media area, which is why many people can already make a lot of money with Facebook. And honestly, who does not want to like that? But back to the topic, through a lot of reach, a Facebook profile gets the opportunity to advertise products of companies and to collect money for them. Even real partnerships can arise between a profile owner and a company. Many think you need millions of fans, but it is much less enough to live on and when the profile grows right it almost always gets bigger and bigger. With 50,000 followers and the associated likes, views and comments, much can already be done.
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Why Facebook likes to buy Likes
Buying Facebook Likes has two advantages, the purely visual and the algorithmic advantage. First of all, for purely visual benefit, posts with many interactions appear more trustworthy. Of course, comments, views and, most importantly, likes belong to interactions. Ask yourself the question what looks more appealing? A profile with 10 thousand followers and about 200 likes on each post. Or a profile with 10 thousand followers but 1000-1500 likes per post. Of course, the profile with many likes looks more appealing and trusting. Likes represent the satisfaction of the users who have already seen their posts. So if a new visitor comes to your profile so the probability is much higher that this will follow you.
Now for the second advantage if you buy Facebook Likes. Like any social media platform, Facebook has an algorithm that rates posts, so to speak. To be well evaluated by the algorithm, it is important that you have a lot of interaction on your posts. Likes play the biggest role, as they reflect how well your contribution arrives. So, buying Facebook Likes gives you a huge advantage over others. If the algorithm detects that your posts are receiving a lot of likes, it also means that your posts and profile will be suggested to other users. Which allows you to gain a lot of reach in a short time.
What to pay attention to

If you buy Facebook Likes

they are in a realistic relationship with the followers. Normally, this is already assessed correctly, but if you are unsure please contact us. For other questions about Facebook Likes buy or criticism and suggestions for improvement do not hesitate to write us. To go to the support click here.
Our team attaches great importance to transparency, which is why we clearly define in the following sentences what Facebook likes to buy. By buying Facebook Likes for posts, you can build trust with new visitors. Also you get a big advantage over others in relation to the algorithm of Facebook.
You positively influence your Facebook profile by buying Facebook Likes, but we emphasize that we do not promise you fast growth. It certainly helps, but it's not a nightmare for a long range nightmare if you buy Facebook Likes.
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